Everything starts with a pre-session Zoom call consultation.
I would like to know how you dream to be photographed and I would love to know your story.
We will talk about what to wear and I will help you with what looks best in photographs.
Let's connect!
Photo Session
Imagine you are a movie star. You are in a studio set and we are making a movie all about YOU!
You will start in the makeup room in the care of a talented makeup artist. 
Next we will go through your outfits and choose those that suit you best
and give a variety to your photographs.
You will then come into the studio where I will photograph you in a relaxed environment.
I will guide you with posing and expression to emphasise your best traits.
Remember, beauty comes from within.
YOU are a star!​​​​​​​
Portrait reveal and order session
This is the day to be surprised!
Two long weeks have gone by since your photo session.
I have been perfectly editing your photos, and you can't wait to see them.
This is an important moment.
I will present your entire collection of 20-30 portraits so you can order the ones you love the most. 
Relax, take your time, no pressure. You are in command and you only buy those you love.
Printed portraits
It is an overwhelming experience to see yourself in a beautiful printed art portrait.
You can showcase a large art print on your favourite wall or a collection of matted photo prints in a luxurious Italian leather folio box on a bookshelf or coffee table.
I promise your portraits will be a beautiful addition and the centre of attention in your home.
Your printed art portraits will be delivered approximately one month after you place your order.
Prepare yourself for the day!
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